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Important Care for Your Home Computer

Your home computer, like any important appliance in your home, requires routine maintenance to keep it operating reliably and at peak performance. This article outlines what you should be routinely doing for your home computer. more

What You Need To Know About Home WI-FI

Home wireless networks are a great way of providing internet access throughout your house. The risks from wi-fi hackers are dramatically growing, and here is what you can do to protect your network from these hackers. more

Turning Your PC into a Home Security System

Here are some examples of how various free softwares can turn your home computer into a high-tech home monitoring system, that can detect motion, automatically record what is happening while you are gone. more

Creating a Smarter Home

"Smart home" is a term that is used for devices and systems that automate your home to make managing your home easier and better. This article describes various types of smart home innovations, and how they can help you. more

Stop Paying for Electricity 'Vampires'

They are lurking in your home, and they attack while you are sleeping, when you leave . . . well basically, they attack all the time. It's the devices which continue to suck power, even when you have their switches turned off. more

Personal Computer